Artigos publicados com a base de dados do projeto CUME

Oliveira, T.M.S,. Bressan, J.; Pimenta, A.M.; Martínez-González, M.Á.; Shivappa, N.; Hébert, J.R.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M. Dietary inflammatory index and prevalence of overweight and obesity in Brazilian graduates from the Cohort of Universities of Minas Gerais (CUME project). Nutrition, 2019, 110635. Link:

Pereira, G.A.; Bressan, J.; Oliveira, F.L.P.; Sant'Ana, H.M.P.; Pimenta, A.M.; Lopes, L.L.; Hermsdorff, H.H.MDietary Folate Intake Is Negatively Associated with Excess Body Weight in Brazilian Graduates and Postgraduates (CUME Project). Nutrients, v. 11, n. 3,  E518, 2019. Link:

Domingos, A.L.G.; Miranda, A.E.S.; Pimenta, A.M.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; Oliveira, F.L.P.; Santos, L.C.; Lopes, A.C.S.; Martínez-González, M.A.; Bressan, J. Cohort Profile: The Cohort of Universities of Minas Gerais (CUME), International Journal of Epidemiology, v. 47, n. 6, p. 1743-1744h, 2018. Link:

Miranda, A.E.S., Ferreira, A.V.M.; Oliveira, F.L.P.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; Bressan, J.; Pimenta, A.M. Validation of metabolic syndrome and its self reported components in the CUME Study. REME Revista Mineira de Enfermagem, v. 21:e-10691, 2017. Link:

Artigos publicados pelos pesquisadores do projeto CUME utilizando outras bases de dados

Mendonça, R.D.; Lopes, A.C.S.; Pimenta, A.M.; Gea, A.; Martínez-González, M.A.; Bes-Rastrollo, M. Ultra-Processed Food Consumption and the Incidence of Hypertension in a Mediterranean Cohort: The Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra Project. American Journal of Hypertension, v. 30, p. 358-366, 2017. Link:

Pimenta, A.M.; Bes-Rastrollo, M.; Gea, A.; Sayon-Orea, C.; Zazpe, I.; Lopez-Iracheta, R.; Martínez-González, M.A. Snacking between main meals is associated with a higher risk of metabolic syndrome in a Mediterranean cohort: the SUN Project (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra). Public Health Nutrition (Wallingford), v.19, p.658-666, 2016. Link:

Pimenta, A.M.; Martínez-González, M.A. The association between long working hours and metabolic syndrome remains elusive. European Journal of Public Health, v. 26, p. 377-377, 2016. Link:

Mendonça, R.D.; Pimenta, A.M.; Gea, A.; De La Fuente-Arrillaga, C.; Martínez-González, M.A.; Lopes, A.C.S.; Bes-Rastrollo, M. . Ultraprocessed food consumption and risk of overweight and obesity: the University of Navarra Follow-Up (SUN) cohort study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, v. 104, p. 1433-1440, 2016. Link:

Carraro, J.C.C.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M Mansego, M.L.; Zulet, M.A.; Milagro, F.I.; Bressan, J.; Martínez, J.A. Higher Fruit Intake Is Related to TNF-α Hypomethylation and Better Glucose Tolerance in Healthy Subjects. J Nutrigenet Nutrige, v. 9, p. 95-105, 2016. Link:

Pimenta, A.M.; Todelo, E.; Gea, A.; Martínez-González, M.A. Dietary indexes, food patterns and incidence of metabolic syndrome in a Mediterranean cohort: The SUN project. Clinical Nutrition (Edinburgh), v.34, p.508-514, 2015. Link:

Carraro, J.C.C.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; Puchau, B.; Zulet, M.A.; Milagro, F.I.; Bressan, J.; Martínez, J.A. Interleukin-6 is a better metabolic biomarker than interleukin-18 in young healthy adults. Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, v.71, p.527-35, 2015. Link

Pimenta, A.M.; Bes-Rastrollo, M.; Sayon-Orea C; Gea, A.; Aguinaga-Ontoso, H.; Lopez-Iracheta, R.; Martínez-González, M.A. Working hours and incidence of metabolic syndrome and its components in a Mediterranean cohort: the SUN project. European Journal of Public Health, v.25, p.683-688, 2015. Link:

Sayon-Orea C; Bes-Rastrollo, M.; Marti, A.; Pimenta, A.M.; Martin-Calvo, N.; Martínez-González, M.A. Association between yogurt consumption and the risk of Metabolic Syndrome over 6 years in the SUN study. BMC Public Health (Online), v.15, p.170, 2015. Link:

Rosado, E.L.; Bressan, J.; Martínez, J.A. Environmental Factors and Beta2-Adrenergic Receptor Polymorphism: Influence on the Energy Expenditure and Nutritional Status of Obese Women. Lipids, v.50, p.459-467, 2015. Link:

Vidigal, F.C.; Ribeiro, A.Q.; Babio, N.; Salas-Salvado, J.; Bressan, J. Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and pre-metabolic syndrome in health professionals: LATINMETS Brazil study. Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, v.7, p.1-9, 2015. Link:

Marques-Rocha, J.L.; Samblas, M.; Milagro, F.I.; Bressan, J.; Martinez, J.A.; Marti, A. Noncoding RNAs, cytokines, and inflammation-related diseases. The FASEB Journal, v.29, p.3595-3611, 2015. Link

Rocha, J.L.M.; Mansego, M. L.; Zulet, M.A.; Yoldi, F.M.; Bressan, J.; Martínez, J.A. Expression of inflammation-related miRNAs in white blood cells from subjects with metabolic syndrome after 8 weeks of following a Mediterranean diet-based weight loss program. Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.), 2015. Link:

Souza, B.B; Monteze, N.M.; de Oliveira, F.L.; de Oliveira, J.M; de Freitas Nascimento; S., Marques do Nascimento Neto, R.; Sales, M.L.; Souza, G.G. Lifetime shift work exposure: association with anthropometry, body composition, blood pressure, glucose and heart rate variability. Occupational and Environmental Medicine (London), v.72, p.208-215, 2015. Link:

Pereira, I.S.; Pontes, T.C.M.C.M.; Vieira, R.A.L.; Folly, G.A.F.; Silva, F.C.; Oliveira, F.L.P.; Amaral, J.F.; Freitas, R.N.; Volp, A.C.P. The consumption of acai pulp changes the concentrations of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and epidermal growth factor (EGF) in apparently healthy women. Nutrición Hospitalaria, v.32, p.931-945, 2015. Link:

Moraes, D.A.O.; Oliveira, F.L.P.; Duczmal, L.H.; Cruz, F.R.B. Comparing the inertial effect of MEWMA and multivariate sliding window schemes with confidence control charts. International Journal, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, v.X, p.1-14, 2015. Link:

Monteze, N.M.; Souza, B.B.; Alves, H.J.P.; de Oliveira, F.L.P.;  Oliveira, J.M.;  Freitas, S. N.; Nascimento, R.M.; Sales, M.L.; Souza, G.G.L. Heart Rate Variability in Shift Workers: Responses to Orthostatism and Relationships with Anthropometry, Body Composition, and Blood Pressure. Biomed Res Int, v.2015, p.1-8, 2015. Link:

Perez-Cornago, A.; Brennan, L.; Ibero-Baraibar, I.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; O'Gorman, A.; Zulet, M. A.; Martínez, J.A. Metabolomics identifies changes in fatty acid and amino acid profiles in serum of overweight older adults following a weight loss intervention. Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, v.70, p.593-602, 2014. Link:

Cocate, P.GNatali, A.J.; Oliveira, A.; Alfenas, R.C.G.; Santos, E.C.; Hermsdorff, H.H. M. Carotenoid consumption is related to lower lipid oxidation and DNA damage in middle-aged men. British Journal of Nutrition, p.1-8, 2015Link:

Cocate, P.G.Natali, A.J.; Oliveira, A.; Alfenas, R.C.G.; Hermsdorff, H. H. M. Consumption of branched-chain amino acids is inversely associated with central obesity and cardiometabolic features in a population of Brazilian middle-aged men: Potential role of leucine intake. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, p.1-7, 2015. Link:

Cocate, P.GNatali, A.J.; Oliveira, A.; Longo, G.Z.; Alfenas, R.C.G.; Peluzio, M.C.G.; Santos, E.C.; Buthers, J.M.; Oliveira, L.L.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M. Fruit and vegetable intake and related nutrients are associated with oxidative stress markers in middle-aged men. Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.), v.30, p.660-665, 2014. Link:

Alves, R.D.M.; Oliveira, F.C.E.; Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; Abete, I.; Zulet, M.A.; Martínez, J.A.; Bressan, J. Eating carbohydrate mostly at lunch and protein mostly at dinner within a covert hypocaloric diet influences morning glucose homeostasis in overweight/obese men. European Journal of Nutrition (Print), v.53, p.49-60, 2014. Link:

Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; Barbosa, K.B.F.; Volp, A.C.P.; Puchau, B.; Bressan, J.; Zulet, M.A.; Martínez, J.A. Gender-specific relationships between plasma oxidized low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, total antioxidant capacity, and central adiposity indicators. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, v.21, p.889-891, 2014. Link:

Rosado, E.L.; Brito, R.S.; Bressan, J.; Martinez, J.A. Effectiveness of prediction equations in estimating energy expenditure sample of Brazilian and Spanish women with excess body weight. Nutrición Hospitalaria, v.29, p.513-519, 2014. Link:

Pereira, T.M.; Cirillo, M.A.; Oliveira, F.L.P. Chisquaremax rotation criterion in factor analysis: A Monte Carlo assessment of the effect of outliers.. Acta Scientiarum. Technology (Impresso), v.36, p.643-649, 2014. Link:

Hermsdorff, H.H.M.; Mansego, M.L.; Campión, J.; Milagro, F.I.; Zulet, M.A.; Martínez, J.A. TNF-alpha promoter methylation in peripheral white blood cells: Relationship with circulating TNFα, truncal fat and n-6 PUFA intake in young women. Cytokine, v.64, p.265-271, 2013. Link

Pimenta, A.M.; Beunza, J.J.; Sanchez-Villegas, A.; Bes-Rastrollo, M.; Martínez-González, M.A. Childhood underweight, weight gain during childhood to adolescence/young adulthood and incidence of adult metabolic syndrome in the SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra) Project. Public Health Nutrition (Wallingford), v.14, p.1237-1244, 2011. Link:

Martínez Lapiscina, E.H.; Pimenta, A. M.; Beunza, J.J.; Bes-Rastrollo, M.; Martínez, J. A.; Martínez-González, M.A.  Nut consumption and incidence of hypertension: The SUN prospective cohort. NMCD. Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases (Testo Stampato), v. 20, p.359-365, 2010. Link: